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The Mind Cleansing Study
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Our Knowledge

 All things in the Universe the stars, sun, moon and earth are as One and transparent. Only the Human beings deny being transparent and this is because the Ego mind covers itself in darkness and is lost and suffering. The Earth itself has also been darkened by this dark energy of emotion. All we have to do is cleanse our ego mind of dark energy by burning off into the Sun. We will become transparent, at one with the Universe, truly happy, and the Earth will also be saved. We are one with the Universe that is our true origin and life.

A mind cleansing technique that leads to self enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and the Universe view of the world.
The belief and living practice from self found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.



God is the consciousness of the finite Physical Universe.
You are an individual mind of the Master Consciousness.
As far as God concerned, all the matters in the Universe that are, seen and unseen is the mind of God.
You are a sacred life of God, because God cannot exist without individual minds.
There is nothing after death, your mind and body will disappear forever.
Only salvation is to cleanse your mind and body, and see God before the death.
Expand your mind beyond your ego-self and experience who you really are.
Be realised that you are not just single ego, but you are everything.
To have everything, you must have nothing.
To see God, you must abandon your ego mind.
Pure darkness and Pure white light is same.
God is Pure Energy, Pure emptiness and pure darkness.

You are a light and energy.


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